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Отправлено: 20 Мая, 2021 - 05:32:59
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PreventivesWhile therapy of canine heartworm disease is usually successful, prevention of the disease is much safer and more economical. There are an assortment of options for preventing heartworm infection, including monthly tablets, chewables and topicals. These products are extremely effective and when administered properly on a timely program, heartworm infection can be avoided.The American Heartworm Society is now recommending year-round avoidance, in seasonal locations. 1 reason behind this is compliance ” to be certain that the medication has been given properly by the pet owner. In addition, most monthly heartworm preventives have action against intestinal parasites. A number of these exact same intestinal parasites that infect dogs may also infect people, with estimated illnesses occurring in three to six million individuals each year. So this added benefit of monthly deworming makes good sense.
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